Sunday, 2 December 2012

First Sikh Guards Buckingham Palace in Turban

A solider who is the first Sikh to join the Grenadier Guards features in today’s Mail on Sunday after wearing his turban rather than the Guards’ famous bearskin. According to the Mail, Jatinderpal Singh Bhullar has been given permission to wear a turban while on guard duty outside Buckingham palace.

The British army allows the 25 or so Sikhs currently serving to keep their turbans, except where a hard helmet is required for safety reasons. You can read a little more about Sikh and Muslim soldiers in the British army here.

In a religiously diverse modern Britain, should the Army make allowances for the different faiths of its soldiers? Or should those who volunteer to join up put Queen and country before their religion?


  1. The Bearskin is part of the distinctive uniform of the Brigade of Guards & should be strictly adhered & no allowances made for a persons religious beliefs . The next thing will be the appearance of a Muslim guardsman on duty outside Buckingham Palace wearing a `nightshirt`.