Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Free Online University Courses

I recently found out about this website that offers free online courses from US universities. 

Useful to extend your A level studies, gain a taste of University study, or just to learn something new. I've signed up for a course on The Ancient Greek Hero, which sounds interesting. For philosophers and ethicists, there's also this course on Justice. 

Or if you fancy something a bit easier, there's always Quantum Mechanics


Monday, 11 February 2013

Animal Experiments - Resources For and Against

In class today, I showed my Year 13 students a video on animal experiments made by the charity Animal Aid, and I thought I would share a link to the video here. It's split into 4 parts. 

Although the video is intended for GCSE and A level students, it does contain distressing images throughout.

Part 1: How are animals used?

Part 2: Is it good science?

Part 3: Why do they do it?

Part 4: What are the alternatives?

Note that the video has a strong anti-vivisection agenda, I haven't posted it as objective summary of the debate. If you would like to hear the case for the use of animals in medical experiments, you can click here.

In related news,the European Union has recently acted to ban the testing of cosmetics on animals. I also posted about my own past views on vivisection here.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Notes on Jung

Here are a couple of resources on Jung's views on religion, both courtesy of the Richmond Philosophy pages. The first is a Powerpoint introduction to Jung and his work, the second focuses on Jung's concept of individuation, and also some criticisms of Jung's work.

Also of interest, there's an In Our Time episode on Jung, available here. 

Monday, 4 February 2013

Why did the Atheist go to Church?

No, not the start of a slightly naff RS joke. The BBC has an interesting post on Atheist "church services", complete with sermon, scripture reading, and even a hymn (with Stevie Wonder standing in for Charles Wesley).

More here.