Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Life of the Buddha - Free Ebook

The Buddha

I'm already on summer holidays (yay), and I'm planning on spending a bit of time over the summer reading around Buddhist ethics and traditions. My school has a fair number of Buddhist students, so to reflect this I'd like to incorporate more Buddhist perspectives into my GCSE RS classes in ethics and philosophy. 

As a starting point, I've found these free pdf and ePub versions of E.B. Cowell's translation of  the Buddhacarita (Life of the Buddha), which I thought I'd share here.

The Buddhacarita, the earliest full biography of the Buddha, was written by the Indian poet Ashvagosha in the second century C.E., some 500-600 years after the Buddha lived (actually, the dates of the Buddha's life are a matter of some debate). Much of the original Sanskrit version has been lost, but translations survive in Chinese and Tibetan.

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