Thursday, 8 May 2014

RS Honours Board Classroom Display

Outside my classroom I've put up a display board that celebrates some of the successes that students have had in the department over recent years, including GCSE pass rates, A*/A grades, and students who went on to study RS or Philosophy at University.

I think it's worked nicely as a talking point for students and recognition of their hard work, and as way to promote the department to prospective students and parents. A couple of other departments have used it as a template for their displays... although our Maths department has forgotten to remove the religiousy praying figure background, which raises a grin every time I walk past it!

I've uploaded it here (with names of my students changed, of course) for other RS teachers to use and adapt. 

I hope you find it useful. If so, you might also like my Celebs Who Studied RS posters.


  1. philosophy AS exam today, wish us luck from your old favourite RGS class

    1. Lillibet - hope it goes well, wish everyone good luck for me. I'm sure you'll all do great!

      PS: Well done for Songs of Praise! :-)

    2. the first paper went well, the reason and experience and idea of god questions were beautiful 8) absolutely terrified for paper 2 though I feel like I know 0 things we need double luck

    3. Glad it went well, double good luck for paper 2.

      A little hint for you: No question on paper two is likely to have the answer "an American rock band"...